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Melbul is an ROI focused Direct-Response digital marketing agency. We have worked with and advised hundreds of small and medium-sized companies around the world. Our unique Facebook Ads, Google PPC, SEO and Social Media Strategies combined with a crazy work ethic makes us the best digital marketing and Lead Generation Agency in Kiev. Unlike most agencies who focus on just TRAFFIC, we focus on making you More Money by implementing the best online marketing Tactics that guarantee you a positive return on investment

The Melbul Process

Powered by our highly skilled digital marketers and dedicated managers.


01. Build Awareness

✔ We understand your business and ideal clients.
✔ Build a new website or optimize an existing one.
✔ Set up social media channels & create posts.
✔ Create content for your website to educate target audience.
✔ Run awareness adverts to get eyeballs on your business.


02. Traffic & Conversions

✔ We engage with your audience on social media channels.
✔ We then create an irresistible offer.
✔ We run adverts to your target clients.
✔ We Remarket irresistible offer
✔ We collect qualified leads details and upsell


03. Close More Clients

✔ Keep providing value to target clients.
✔ Send more irresistible offers to target clients using their contact details (email).
✔ Answer all pre-sales questions and keep audience engaged.
✔ Upsell qualified leads on more products or services and make more sales.
✔ Repeat the process and keep growing your business.




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Everything You Gain From Working With Us Today

Keeping track of your digital marketing campaign is easy with our intuitive platform.


Dedicated PPC Specialist

Double or even Tripple your sales revenue with a bad ass PPC expert driving only Hot Ready-To-Buy Leads…


Dedicated Social Media Manager

We will grow an online following for your business, Increase awareness and create another lead generation channel.

Dedicated Success Manager

We will pair you with a dedicated success manager. Your success manager will guide you throughout your stay with us.

Dedicated Facebook Marketer

You will be assigned a highly skilled Facebook Ads expert to ensure your facebook marketing campaign gets results.


Dedicated SEO Expert

Drive hot organic Traffic to your website and double conversions with battle-tested SEO strategies…


Detailed Bi-weekly Metrics Report

We will provide you with detailed analysis reports and advise you on better strategies that’ll help grow your business.

Do not miss out on a chance to 2x, 3x or even 4x your sales revenue with online marketing.

Freebies don’t last forever & We guarantee results in the first month!

Sign Up Risk-Free With Our 30-Minutes no-obligation Marketing Strategy Session

At Melbul, we believe in building trust.

That is why we offer you a marketing strategy session easily worth $1000 for completely free, we call this our “Trust Policy”.

✔ If you still do not trust us enough to manage your digital marketing campaign after our strategy session, we shake hands and go our separate ways, no strings.

Before you book your strategy session call with us, you must understand that this is not for everyone. This is only for serious people who have the financial resources to invest in their business and are ready to grow their business (client base, revenue) with digital marketing.

✔ We can guarantee you will see positive results in our first month working together.


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