9 Facebook Ad Examples That Could 10X Your Sales Revenue

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Marketing is more than a “sales pitch”, it is a competition against yourself, other brands, against time, space and, sometimes, against logic.

It is a battle to beat off the crowd while grabbing the attention of your target audience, all within very little time and space. 

Reaching your target clients, especially in this global teacup era, has been made simpler with digitalization especially with social media marketing which is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote a brand.

There are a number of social media channels worldwide, including the likes of Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Ticktock, Snapchat and much more…

All these platforms are constantly running millions of ads from several brands every single day…

However, The #1 medium with the highest number of users and active participants is Facebook.

With over 2 billion active users worldwide, most businesses (big and small) now take advantage of Facebook’s diverse demography and use the medium as a means to get direct access to millions of potential clients.

If designing a Facebook ad is hard, then designing a great Facebook ad is HARD. Sure, you will find several templates and structures that could help but even after understanding all the background information about the product/brand, audience, the best timing and so on, you keep looking for something more, something that could make your audience go “WOW” or “BUY!”


There are lots of Facebook adverts that have been successful, either by using simple designs, or finding new angles to say the same thing. And then there are few that have changed the Advertising game entirely!

Here are brilliant examples of the most successful and brilliantly made Facebook ads:




A great example of a simple, short and brilliant Facebook Ad is this one by Adobe Stock.

9 Facebook Ad Examples That Could 10X Your Sales Revenue


Sometimes, it is best to just use little text and a stunning image. Go straight to the point, use an active voice and write short sentences.

Why This Works

Marketers often have lots of information to pass and try to find ways to cram the advert with benefits in hopes that at least one attracts the audience.

However, messages with lots of text and jargon push people away from your offer, and Adobe Stock found a short and clever way to get their message across. 

They first appealed to the eye with the bright and pleasing image with little text, then they wrote a catchy line “Stock like only Adobe can” with the brand name being the focus.

They also included their Call to Action “Search New Premium and Editorial collections.” The rest, as they say, is perfection.

Remember that they are already an established brand, therefore they didn’t need to go into details explaining the product because most of the people who need it, already know about it.

This advert is ideal for globally known brands whose goal for advertising is to remind targets about their new and/or old products.

Use this Ad structure when you are remarketing to an audience that is familiar with your brand. For example, your website visitors in the last 90days.




You read it right, aspirations bring in the big bucks. When your message is focused on selling dreams and aspirations, it makes more of an impact on the target. I’m not saying you should violate the Facebook ad policy with misleading information and false promises, simply focus your message on a dream that your audience could have.

Here’s how Shopify did it.

9 Facebook Ad Examples That Could 10X Your Sales Revenue


Why This Works

I don’t think anyone can ignore the opportunity for achievements, no matter how small it may seem, and the Shopify “Sell your craft Ad”  certainly used this to their advantage. 

They could have said “Make money on the side” or taken another angle but they didn’t. They also kept things simple by going straight to their offer which was focused on the target audience for a better connection with them.

AIDA was successfully applied here as they got people’s attention with a beautiful image, gained their interest with aspiration, built on their desires with the “sell” message and gave a call to action.

They didn’t even allow the target to think about it but gave a simple and direct CTA, “Sign Up” button.

The image is also bright, colorful and relates to the message. You can also tell who the targets are without them mentioning it.  




There’s power in a good story that appeals to people’s emotions. Grammarly certainly went out of the box by making a success story and testimonial in their Facebook video ad (link below)


Grammarly told an inspiring and heartwarming tale about a chef who had followed his passion to teach people how to make sushi and even wrote a book despite the fact that English was his second language (this is where Grammarly comes in).

Why This Works

This campaign successfully incorporated different strategies: Storytelling, testimonials, relatable content (like the spelling and typing mistakes) while still telling us about the benefits of the product.

Storytelling beats preaching about a product any day. You can gradually infiltrate the walls that most people have built against adverts and then make your pitch. 

I love this ad because it does a great job at selling an idea. While the audience is still immersed in the story, the video introduced different features of the writing app at spaced intervals and not through text alone, but with practical representations.

This is also a brilliant way to tap into the advantages of video offers. Like Grammarly did with “write the future“, you can also include your CTA in a video.




Bates Motel on A&E promoted new episodes of their series “Bates Motel” in a creative seasonal ad campaign. They used a mothers’ day card, a fictional character, a few sentences, and sheer brilliance to sneak up to their audience.

9 Facebook Ad Examples That Could 10X Your Sales Revenue

Why This Works

This ad copy seems simple right? There’s a beautiful graphic image (with lots of intricate details), a message about mother’s day, and a call to action.

However, for fans of the series (who are the primary target of this ad), this image is loaded with hidden meanings and implied messages that can only be decoded by them. 

Meanwhile, at first glance, this ad looks like the normal mother’s day card that most people would have posted on Mother’s Day. Wait a minute!

There’s something there that makes you take a second look, an image of a man on a mother’s day card? This, and the message, further ignites their curiosity so that some people will want to know more.

So, Bates Motel just achieved two things: reminded their current viewers through a kind of “inside joke“. They also ignited the curiosity of others.

To adopt this idea, try linking unique features of your brand with the season or holiday in question. This type of Facebook Ad mainly works to serve as a reminder while celebrating special days with your target audience.




Stop it with the straight-laced advert already. Structure is good, but that’s not what your audience wants. It is okay to mix things up once in a while with cute clips…

Promo did this in a short clip of less than 20 seconds (link below):

9 Facebook Ad Examples That Could 10X Your Sales Revenue



Why This Works

Spread awareness by using adorable things/people/animals that will gain people’s attention, especially with statistics proved trend makers. 

Put adorable people in weird or funny situations, back it up with good music and watch as it makes people go “aaaaaawwwwwww” and they start sharing the clip, even if they don’t have a need for what you’re advertising.

It is short, fun and insightful for the audience and as you can see, it is also a relatively cheap means. You only need to find a small connection between the clip and your product and show the information while the clip is playing. 

Always make sure that the image quality is superb, the text is short, and the message is brief.  

This type of ad can function as a hack to use when you’re tired of always focusing on the product and its benefits.

It also has a wide appeal across most social groups and, as an added bonus, people will help you promote it.




There are various ways to use images to show a difference, thereby making more impact and Nike does this beautifully in their “customize it your way” campaign. 

9 Facebook Ad Examples That Could 10X Your Sales Revenue


Why This Works

Make your message pop even more by using contrasting colors and images. Nike used two pictures to communicate differences and also make emphasis on the better image by drawing our attention to it.

Even the images tell a story without having to explain with text.

They also optimized their message to be engaging by appealing to their audience’s creative minds and their need for exclusive/unique products. 

Just like in previous ads, you can also see the effect of colorful and high-quality images accompanied and complemented by short but precise information and a clearly stated CTA.

You must remember that it takes less than 10 seconds for the average person to form an opinion of your Ad, so hold back on the text and try letting the image do the talking.




Good ads that appeal to the interest and lifestyle of audiences help to form a connection between the audience and the message.

A good way to do this is by depicting fun scenarios in your ad.

MeUndies has always had fun images and ads, one of which you can watch on the link below. 


Why This Works

Using a fun angle to depict something that seems ordinary is a tactic that all marketers should adopt and this helped MeUndies gain massive reach. 

MeUndies’ advert is the perfect “fun, weird and youthful life” video with lots of colors, and scenes of playful moments, party and great relationships.

They shifted the “sexy and macho” type of underwear advert into a fun one. The advert is also bold in telling a story by relating it to relatable scenarios.

When “borrowing” this idea, marketers must ensure that the first video frame should be something that will make the audience press play.

Also, make sure the video is so descriptive that people don’t even need to play the sound to understand the message.




A Facebook sales funnel is strategically structured to capture the interest of your target audience and constantly increase interest until they become customers of your product or service.

Funneling ads are a great way to get long term effects from ads and Toms successfully used a four-staged funnel, namely: Video ads, canvas ads/giveaways, retargeting and dynamic product adverts. 

Link to video: https://m.facebook.com/watch/?v=302155110476352&_rdr


Why This Works

An advantage of Facebook funnel is that it can achieve different goals systematically. Toms used their’s for product awareness as well as engagement and promoting the brand as more than they appear.

If you’re planning a campaign for the long term and have different strategies organized to gain massive conversion, this is a great example of a perfectly customized and diversified funnel. 

Book a call with my team and we’ll show you what a Facebook Ad funnel could look like for your business…




Make your words pack a punch and support it with a related image. Heal has been successful in this by blending above average images with words that make all the difference.

9 Facebook Ad Examples That Could 10X Your Sales Revenue


Why This Works

Use the most suitable and impactful words that stir the reader’s mind like Heal did with carefully selected words and establishing credibility.

If you feel as if the image is not enough, structure the words to pack a punch and appeal to the reader’s emotion and logic.

In order to stay on top of the game, you can use these examples and come up with better versions for your own Ad.

If you need any help with Facebook Ads, book in a FREE 30-minute marketing strategy session with my team here:


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