How to increase your new website’s traffic and google rank for free

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Wouldn’t it be great if there was a magic formula that you can use to drive traffic to your website and increase your rank on Google? That would be awesome. Right? But fat chance of that ever happening. If it did exist, everybody would use it and the system would crash because there would be no order again.

However, there is another type of formula, and it is what you’re currently reading. It isn’t magic but it is free. It will help you increase your web traffic and search engine ranking under one condition: you must read the complete information that comes with each point and pay attention to the tips.

How to increase your new website's traffic and google rank for free

If you skip any part of this resource, the formula won’t give you long term growth, but If you read it, you will know exactly how to make your very own special formula including how to make antidotes for any problem that may arise later.

In this article, I will provide free tips on how to optimise everything about your website and/ blog, ways to promote it for free including email marketing, social media marketing, and so on.
Before I continue there are some principles that I need to discuss that will help you better apply the strategies.


Whether you are a small business owner or a blogger or maybe you created a website just for fun, you must first understand that the Internet is a very crowdy place. There are an uncountable number of information, websites and people out here. Amongst these are factual and false information, popular and less-popular contents, secure and insecure websites, and then you have the search engines.

Search engines are a form of Internet answering machine that creates order to the over-crowded place called the Internet. Examples of search engines are Google and Bing. When a query is made, search engines will search the internet and present the links that best answer your questions through crawling and indexing with the help of algorithms (bots).

For example, if I were to search for “how to straighten my hair in 2 minutes” the number of websites that give an answer related to my query could amount to a 100 but the search engine result page (SERP) will rank all results, with the first being the website with the best possible answer and the last being the website with the worst possible answer.

The search engine result page, or SERP, presents a hierarchy of results based on a lot of factors. These factors change constantly but some of the consistent ones include: keywords found on your website, other relevant keywords, bounce rates (how fast do visitors exit your website?), engagement of people on the page (how well do people engage with your website?), structure and speed of the page (how fast is your website?), and sometimes, even the location or physical address of the website (is your website hosted in the same location as your target audience?).

Ranking high on google drives more traffic to your website, the higher you rank the more traffic you get. The number one search result on any Search engine result page (SERP) gets at least 5% more traffic than the second and the percentage keeps reducing down the hierachy. If your website is on the “next” page (page 2), you’ll hardly ever get any traffic.

The optimization of your website’s content to best answer queries is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Here are some SEO tips.

  • Pick a niche for your website, for example “digital marketing”.
  • Research for keyphrases people are searching for using Keyword planner tool provided by Google and use best keywords in your websites content. (Use wisely.)
  • Include links to webpage content on your website.
  • Include relevant links to webpage content on other websites.
  • Optimize your images by compressing the size.
  • Constantly update your website.

 Now that we have gotten that out of the way, here are the ways you can drive traffic to your website even in 2020.


This is related to things you must have done before you created a website. However, you need to have this picture in mind to serve as the foundation that you will build on. You need to understand or remember your goals (what are your goals?) , your target audience (who is your target audience?), the value you intend to provide (what value do you have to offer?) etc.
Tip: Use these answers to shape these steps or strategies in a way that works for you.

How to increase your new website's traffic and google rank for free


Practice perfect SEO (search engine optimization) but don’t try to trick webcrawlers in any way. You will be caught and you will suffer the consequences. Apart from adverts, perfect SEO is at the centre of every website that ranks on the first page of a search engine result page (SERP), so use it well and use it wisely.
If you don’t understand the complexities and nuances of SEO then it is time for you to start learning and applying them to the content of your websites. There are lots of articles and free online courses that can help.
Lack of good SEO is one of the main reasons for low ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs) and therefore low traffic rates. Use the SEO tips I listed earlier and also remember to optimise for voice search.
Tip: Search for keywords that relates to what you’re offering and use (wisely) on your website’s contents (try LSI keywords).


Bad UX or User Experience is one of the things that increases your bounce rate (people that jump out of your website without browsing through your website). When the website takes too long to load and isn’t well organise or pleasing to the eye, people lose interest.
You might want to make sure that your site is mobile friendly, check the loading speed and the page design. The user must be able to find everything he or she wants within 3 clicks.
Tip: Use Google’s page insight tool to check the mobile usability and use Accelerated Mobile Pages HTML (AMP HTML) to manage speed.


What is happening in your website. What are people looking for when they land on your website? How long are they staying? What other link did they click on? Do you think they found what they were searching for by the time they left? These and more questions must be answered to know what you are doing right or wrong.

I didn’t put this last because you must continuously track your page so that you can measure your progress and hopefully discover more insight into what your audience like or dislike.

Tip: If you don’t have a web tracking tool yet, use Google Analytics.

How to increase your new website's traffic and google rank for free


If you don’t have it yet, create a blog where you can post articles or other contents that relates to your website. The more posts you have, the higher you rank on Google. To get more traffic, it is good practice to share your blogs on other social media networks, this will help drive more traffic to your website. When you drive more traffic to your website, Google will notice the attention you get from social media sites and consider your content and website as relevant.

Tip: Post blogs actively and make sure that your blog has a good design and includes links to your website (internal linking), other posts(external linking) and other platforms. 


Apart from getting visitors to your website, content is what will make them stay. If SEO brings them, content keeps them and makes them keep coming back. things to take note of:

1. You should optimize ALL the content on your website and blog posts with relevant keywords that your potential clients may be searching for. Make sure that your website content is relevant, and impactful. You can use a free Keyword Planner to see what people are searching for.

2. Post high quality content with infographics, well laid out images, and a pdf presentation. You can use canva to create custom infographics and presentations.

3. In the case of blog posts, before you decide on a topic, make a research to find out what topics your audience are asking about that doesn’t have much results on other websites. Always include call to action (CTA) on posts that relate to your business and have links to other helpful resources. Also include social share triggers like you can see on melbul.

Tip: Overtime, you must update your content and add new valuable information.


If you’ve officialy launched your website online already then this isn’t for you, but chances are that you have not.

When I say the word “LAUNCH”, I mean to share your website wuth family, friends, colleagues and internet users as a whole. Many business owners make the mistake of thinking once a website is online they automatically get traffic and a ton of clients. A lot learn their lessons the hard way.

You need to promote your website a little bit in the beginning to get that initial traffic coming in. Send a link to everyone on your email list, instagram following, facebook following, tell them to go check out your website and give you feedback.

Tip: It is even better when you offer deals or promos. For example, First five clients get a 10% discount.

How to increase your new website's traffic and google rank for free


In addition to launching your website, you can also do an outreach. Do a little email marketing and send emails that contain link to your blog to influential bloggers and other audiences. 

Answer some questions on Quora, post valuable contents on Medium and Reddit, participate in online web forums related to your niche, be a guest on a podcast and promote your website.  

Tip: Free webinars are also very useful in providing value and driving traffic to your website.


Video content will help you rank better on Google. Websites that put out a ton of videos get a lot more traffic than websites that concentrate on just text content. Youtube has become one of the biggest traffic drivers in the online world right now with an average of 24 million plus searches every single month.

Want to provide value to your clients? Put out more content. The statement “Content Is King” made by Bill Gates almost a decade ago still holds true today.

Tip: Create more videos on Youtube for your business. If you need help putting out more content for your business, reach our team and we can be of help. Alternatively, you can have a look at our content marketing prices here and our social media marketing prices here.


People love free stuff. 


Your audience shouldn’t be able to resist the opportunity you are offering them, it is a win win. Research on courses that may be relevant to your niche and hard to find for free on the internet. Create a free online course that provides value to your target audience and make sure they see it. (You could run a little ad campaign to promote your free course).

In addition to driving more traffic to your website, creating a free online course will make your audience trust you more and increase customer loyalty. 

You can quickly upload your online course to Teachable and Udemy in order to reach more people.

How to increase your new website's traffic and google rank for free


Write engaging topics and ask questions in your content to reduce your bounce rate and increase your conversion rates. Ensure that you reply to the comments and ask for feedbacks.

Tip: Open ended questions are the best for engagement.


You actually thought I was done? Nah. There are lots of other strategies used to get customers that you can incorporate with this guide to further your growth. Don’t be afraid to use them to your benefit.  

Monitor your progress and that of other websites, especially websites that offer the same values that you do. “Borrow” ideas and build on them. Find complaints on their feedback platforms and build on them. Do everything that will make you better than your competition. 

“Marketing is more of a commitment than it is magic, keep working at it and you will see results.” -Simeon Igbabul


It may seem like too much work but it is worth it. There are other, more expensive ways to increase your websites traffic fast like Google Ads, Google re-targeting ads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media adverts. You can have giveaways (which is different from discounts), and engage influencer marketers and so on.

Remember that the process isn’t easy and progress will be gradual but it will happen. You will get the traffic, maintain that traffic and get some more. There’s no such thing as enough traffic, you only scale up.

Don’t just plan for the short term but focus your strategies for the big league. 

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How to increase your new website's traffic and google rank for free


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