The Secret Guide To 10X SEO With Video

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Reading about search engine optimization (SEO) may give you an idea of video marketing SEO but may not be as detailed as you’ll expect. 

I’ll explain… 

Video SEO is too broad a topic to be discussed by the side. It has different pillars as well as strategies on how to increase traffic & conversions.

The good news is that there is always a video angle, every business can now create videos based on their unique products or services in minutes (not months)…

The only thing you need to do is make the video great. Of course, there are lots of other important factors involved but we’ll be discussing all that…

If you want to put your SEO on steroids (with Video) then this will be the most important piece of content you read all year…


*What is video marketing and why is it so important in SEO?

Video marketing is the integration of video content into your marketing campaign. It is a strategy that has many benefits and can be used to promote your brand, create awareness for product/service, increase consumers’ knowledge, engagement, and consequently increasing sales.

So, how can you use video content to put your SEO on steroids?

Let me start by saying that the two biggest search engines in the world right now are Google and YouTube as first and second respectively. 

What’s more, YouTube (a video platform) is a subsidiary of Google. Therefore, YouTube content is often shown on Google searches. 

This is the same for other search engines which include video result queries. Today, videos make up a majority of website traffic…

Most (if not all) search engine result pages or SERP now include at least one video result on the first page. Yes, I mean on the “All” page, not the “video” page which is made specifically for video results…

The Secret Guide To 10X SEO With Video

You already know by now that search engines are “user first”, so, in order to appeal to the engines, you’ve got to put users first, giving them what they want.

And guess what? It’s not that hard to do. 

All internet users want something valuable, simple, easy, affordable, and interesting. And now, Videos match all these criteria.

Put yourself in your targets’ shoes for a moment. If you were someone looking for quick information, would you rather read an article of 2500 words like this one, or watch a 5-minute video? (we’re working on a video for this by the way…)

I’m not saying that people don’t want to read lots of text with a smattering of images, I’m just saying that they may not want to unless they have to, especially when they are busy and have better (video) options.

So why don’t you give them the better option? Besides, people now add “video” to their queries.

Also, remember that people retain more information given through visuals than through text. Therefore, videos (of great quality) may be the most powerful means yet. One which is still being underutilized in search engine optimization.

Incorporating your campaign videos into your SEO can greatly amplify results

Don’t take my word for it, check out a few statistics which are linked with the advantages of having video content:

✔According to Moz, you are three times more likely to attract more backlinks with videos than with plain text posts. Therefore, more people include your videos as “related resources” than they do with text and this gives you more domain authority.

✔Backlinks earned through video posts boost search traffic by 167%! (The more platforms you post to, the more shares you get, the higher the percentage.)

✔Including a (good quality) thumbnail of your video in your search result can double your website traffic. People will naturally be attracted to a visual element especially when it is surrounded by texts.

✔According to Marketingland, videos constitute 62% of Google’s universal searches. Moreover, 80% of video results are from YouTube.

✔Posting a video on a blog gives you a 53× higher chance of being on the first Google SERP. (Convince & Convert) The video competition isn’t as big as that of text, therefore, it is easier to rank higher.

✔Videos reduce your bounce rate. People stay longer on your website when you have a video (Comscore says two minutes longer). Furthermore, aimClear states that video results have a 41% higher click-through rate than plain-text results. 

Ok, enough with stats for now…

Before you go running off to create that video, there are some problems you need to understand about Video searches and how video is used to generate 2, 3 or even 4X more traffic.

Here are a few hassles you might face with video optimization:

1. The biggest problem might be the fact that having your video on YouTube doesn’t take the traffic directly to your website but to YouTube instead. 

But if you want users to visit your webpage, browse and buy from you, then depending on just youtube for SEO may be a bad idea. I will tell you how to scale this hurdle in just a moment.

2. Not all videos can go Viral. If they all could, everyone would immediately switch to videos. Chances are whatever you have to say has already been said by at least 3+ people. How can you make your video viral then? (More on this later).

3. Last but not least, Google indexes only one video per page. So if you have lots of videos on one webpage, only one will be crawled. 

What is Video SEO?

Video SEO is just like local SEO which is all about optimizing website content to be crawled, indexed and then ranked higher on the search engine result pages.

The only difference is that Video SEO is well, about videos…

There are different ways to include video to your website; you can use a content delivery network or self-host it through a server. The third option is to embed your YouTube video on your website.

You can embed YouTube videos by:

1. Choose the YouTube video you would like to embed. 

2. Beneath the video, you will see the SHARE, click on it.  

The Secret Guide To 10X SEO With Video

3. In the options that follow Click Embed.

The Secret Guide To 10X SEO With Video

4. Make necessary adjustments to time and privacy. Tick the “show player control” box and Copy the code to the clipboard.

The Secret Guide To 10X SEO With Video

5. Go to your website tools and go to the page you want to edit then select where you want to place the video.  

6. Paste the code and do final checks. 

7. Save the changes and publish to your website or blog.

done, done, done!

Now that you know how to place a video on your website, it’s time to know how you can use the videos to 10X your SEO.

Here are 10 Video SEO strategies to boost video rank and increase traffic:

1. Choosing Video Content:

Before starting your business and your website, chances are you had goals and objectives. 

You should have mapped out all the value that you could provide. 

Let this value be a guide in choosing what your video should be about. Yes, you can carry out keyword research but do not post anything that isn’t related to yourself as a brand. 

Focus your message, don’t just jump into whatever is popular. There are ways for you to have a focused message and still be different. Here are some ideas for innovative video content:

☑ Educational Videos: You can use these videos to teach people about what you’ve been previously posting with text. It is more descriptive and can be fun when used right. Remember not to preach but demonstrate instead.  

☑ How to/ Tutorial videos: These are usually shorter than educational videos. Apart from searches related to the entertainment industry, this could be the 2nd most popular type of video content out there. People want a short, step by step breakdown on how to do things. You can use it to show people how to use your product.

☑ Product video/ marketing video: These are for awareness and promotional purposes. Be careful not to do too much of this, especially if the video isn’t interesting, telling a story, or providing any value.

☑ Testimonials: Yep! Don’t need to tell you the advantages of other people praising and recommending your products. The more influential they are, and the more emotional the story, the better.

☑ Company Videos: These serve as an overview of what your brand is all about and the value you offer. Think of it as a sales pitch. You can use this as the “about us”. Be sure to include images of the workers as well.

☑ Welcome video: This can also be like the “company videos” except this one is all about the user. In a few seconds, welcome your target users and tell them about the things that can be found on your website or blog and how to get started with your brand.

2. Choosing The Right Platform:

Like I said before, you have lots of options but based on the statistics, YouTube might be the best and easiest host for your videos. 

Just make sure you embed your youtube hosted videos on your website and do not embed the same video on more than one page.

Also, make sure the video is related to the post or page embedded on…

3. Make Your Website Crawlable:

You can do this by having just one video per page, you can also do this by creating a video sitemap and putting metadata. This is to help Google crawlers get additional information to better understand what your videos are about and link them with each webpage.

4. Include Thumbnails:

Thumbnails are to Video SEO what Snippets are to Voice SEO. Thumbnails are what makes a user decide whether or not they want to click on your video. Therefore, utilize beautiful and impactful thumbnails of great quality that are relevant to your topic.

Watch out for colors that catch the eye and how the image is framed. If you can, include a human in the thumbnail picture and run away from texts.

5. Add Video Transcripts:

These transcripts are text that runs alongside your video. Adding a transcript will make it better for your audience to understand the concept of the video, even without increasing the volume. 

Moreover, it helps the Google bots index your video and understand it. More transcripts with related keywords equal higher rankings, so you might want to make that video longer.

6. Name The File:

Naming video files is another opportunity to increase “crawlability”. Use the best keywords to name the video files that will be uploaded to your website. Also, add a caption or description of the video.

7. Speed and Video Quality:

I really feel like I should have mentioned this first but oh well… Never compromise on either the quality of your video or its loading speed. However, you need to optimize your video and reduce the file size to make your website load faster. There are many compression tools online that can help you reduce video file size but maintain its quality.

8. Audio Quality:

The moment users start straining to hear your voice in a video, that is the moment that you break the connection and increase website bounce rate.

Optimize your video sound to be pleasing and without distractions in the background. If you want to add background music, turn down the volume to enhance message clarity…

9. Give web visitors Options:

Do not, I repeat, do not make the videos play automatically. Entice website visitors with a thumbnail and captions but give them the option of pressing play.

Also, give your web visitors the option of adjusting the volume or play size. If you can, include the download option as well. The more options, the better. Then your visitors can enjoy a video however they choose.


Now that you have optimized everything from the video to the platform, you have to promote your content just like we are currently doing for this amazing piece of content.

Promote your videos on social media platforms and add gifs or links that will encourage people to click. You can even give a description that is focused on helping your target clients with a unique problem.

The more likes, shares, and engagement, the higher your video will rank….. It’s 2020, you had better be promoting that content now…. 

If you need any help with SEO, book in a FREE 30-minute marketing strategy session with my team here:


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