How To Sell During A Lock Down

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Everyone is either scared, worried or tired as a result of the COVID19 Pandemic that has hit the world (and rightfully so)…

A lot of small and medium-sized businesses have taken a hit while others are just experiencing business as usual.

Restaurants are all carrying out home deliveries, retail stores are taking precautions by limiting the number of people in a space at a time, and everyone else is trying to stay indoors to prevent the spread of COVID19.

It feels like a time of pure chaos for every brick and mortar business owner out there…


What if you could do something to help your business come out of this stronger and better?

Until about 2 years ago, I was in the dark, I was confused and had no idea about how to grow a business…

I sold my friends on the idea of starting a business and having employees and making a ton of money.

We never really considered anything else so we put down a 6-month rent payment for an office and then we started interviewing people to come work in our agency…

Hmmm, Fun times…

1 month down the line, we closed a 4K a month client for a 5-month duration and things were going so smoothly we started making plans on how to grow our awareness and let people know that there was a new agency in town

So, we threw a party and had a ton of fun working on our active projects…

but then something happened…

It was barely 4 months down and we had to pay salaries, pay for office cleaning, spend on some office snacks, spend on Uber allowances and it goes on, on and on…

We needed clients and fast!

Long story short…

We had to lay off a great number of people and re-think our strategy…

Why did I have to bring up this story?

Because a lot of business owners are acting blindly without a plan.

Whose to blame right? these are difficult times for everybody right?

Look, humanity deals with a ton of bad shit… and no one plans for things like pandemics.

But, that should not be an excuse for not having a plan…

I have the privilege of speaking with a ton of business owners on discovery calls and when I ask “what is the plan?”

I get answers like:

“We’ll wait to see after the pandemic ends.”


“I plan on starting in 2 months when the quarantine is over.”

The biggest mistake we can make as business owners will be to give up on a plan…

What if the pandemic lasted for 14 months?

Do you understand what kind of damage that would do?

This is how to sell During a LockDown…

There are many things you could do to get ahead of this situation and increase sales revenue for your business…

From a marketers perspective:

Everything from meetings (on zoom) to classes (on google) are going online and you wouldn’t want to be left out…

If you want to sell during a lockdown, you have to set your business up for take-off post lockdown.

For our agency and all our clients, we are more focused on two things:

1. Creating more educational content for our audience

2. Focus on Facebook Ads…

I’ll tell you why in just a minute….

The most important resource in any market at any time is “Attention”

People do not buy because your company “is the best“.

People buy because a company is well known for being “the best”.

There are no criteria for judging who the best is in the market, that is why it’s your job to let your audience know that you are!

I see many businesses losing clients simply because they lack the ability to grab “attention“…

Despite the Lockdown, our clients manage to close 20+ deals every single month simply by grabbing attention through well targeted Facebook Ads…

With over 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing and after managing hundreds of online marketing campaigns, My advice to all business owners during these trying times regardless of the industry would be to invest in:

1. Creating more educational content around your business:

Sometimes it isn’t about giving out physical gifts, or money or discounts… It could be a referral, waiver, a piece of advice, a piece of educational content and or more creative ideas. The key here is to be a giver, not a taker.

2. Focus on Grabbing Attention:

As of 4/25/2020, 59% of the world is currently online according to statistia.com. It will be crazy to not use online mediums like Google and Facebook to get in front of your target audience.

There are more than 3.5 billion searches on Google every day and Facebook boasts 1.69 billion users…
A ton of people could be searching for your business but if you cannot find a way of grabbing their attention, then you not only lose money but you miss out on the opportunity of solving a problem.

Business is a numbers game. The key to selling more is getting more people to connect with you

I can’t go over all the benefits of online marketing for your business in one article but Our entire website was built to show you just that…

Feel free to visit other pages and learn…

If you are serious about growing your business and you need advice on exactly what to do, book in a free 30-minute strategy session with myself and my team here.

I hope you and yours are doing great… Stay Safe

Simeon Igbabul (Head Of Growth)

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How To Sell During A Lock Down

Simeon Igbabul

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