Get 20 To 400 Hot Leads Delivered To Your Inbox Every Month With Facebook Ads

There are more than 2billion active users on Facebook every single day! Don’t miss the opportunity of getting your product or service in front of people who are prepared to spend big time on a solution you provide.

Facebook Ads Agency


Our unique Direct Response Facebook Strategies combined with a crazy work ethic makes us the best Facebook Advertising consultant and Lead Generation Agency in Kiev.
Unlike most facebook advertising agency who focus on Beautiful Ad Images and Cost Per Action, we focus on making you More Money by implementing the best Facebook Marketing Tactics that guarantee you a positive ROI (return on investment).

Just a few of the companies we’ve worked with

Facebook Ads Agency


A company that is known by 200 people is more likely to make a sale than a company that is known by just 20 people. When you increase buyer considerations for your product or service, the extent to which you can scale your business is immeasurable.
Our Direct-Response Facebook Ad Specialists will help drive buyer considerations for your business, increase conversions and double your sales revenue in 90 days.

Facebook Ads Agency
Facebook Ads Agency


Most businesses are targeting the 3% of prospects who are ready to buy now but what if you can guide the other 97% through their buyer journey until they decide to buy from you.

Imagine waking up every morning to an email list of itchy-to-buy hot leads (people who are ready to spend on a solution you offer) delivered directly to your inbox. Want to learn more?

Let our team of Facebook Ad Specialists show you exactly how to create and optimize a direct-response Facebook ad campaign that targets prospects by age, location, interest, pages they like, content they like, websites they visit and much more.


Dear Business Builder,

Facebook Marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your business online especially when you consider:

–> The platform boasts over 2 billion monthly active users,

–> The cost of advertising on Facebook is relatively low,

–> Facebook possesses the power of pinpoint Targeting and Re-targeting.

Yet, despite all these opportunities that Facebook ads present, at least five out of ten businesses fail to achieve desired results from Facebook ads.

There are a handful of reasons why Facebook Ad Campaigns fail, the most popular reason is lack of strategy by business owners or inexperienced Facebook Advertisement Agencies.

Unlike most Facebook Ads agencies who focus on driving traffic to your website and optimizing for ad clicks, our focus is on making your Facebook Ads Profitable (return on investment).

It’s all about how much are you putting in and how much are you getting out.

Quick peak at our Ads manager:

Facebook Ads Agency

Our Facebook Ad process involves setting up 3 main types of high converting ads

1. A Direct Sales Ad: This is an Ad that sells your product/service directly to potential buyers.

For example:

Facebook Ads Agency
In this ad, you can see how the house(the product) is put on display to portray the idea of buying a home. This ad goes to a landing page that explains a product or service and asks web visitors to take an action such as “buy now” or “talk to us”.
2. An Awareness Ad: This is an Ad that educates people about your business. It could be a testimonial, product showcase, service experience, case study or about-us content

For example:

Facebook Ads Agency
Mcdonalds does this well by showcasing a video of a Couple who drive past a McDonald’s signboard and decide to go in and grab a meal. This ad typically goes to a website home page or a lead capture page.
3. A Lead Magnet Ad: This ad offers something for free in exchange for contact details from your target audience.

For example:

Facebook Ads Agency
This ad provides a free resource for a specific target audience to learn more about. The ad goes to a lead capture page where website visitors are sent the full eBook in exchange for their contact details.


Our Facebook advertising agency will take care of everything from Target Audience Research, Building A Buyer Persona, Creating Ad Copies, Creating Ad Images, Setting up Targeting and Re-targeting to Tracking Conversions and Optimizing Lead Generation efforts.

On average we convert 10 to 50+ leads for our clients every month through Facebook Ads.

Here is what your inbox could look like within 90 days of working with us.

Facebook Ads Agency

Hear from our clients and fans

"They are very communicative, honest, dedicated, patient and above all, they provided us with amazing results in the first month. I highly recommend Melbul."

Owner, Iberica Business School, Spain

"The project itself was done nicely, in a modern and progressive way. I will give an overall rating of 8 out of 10 and gladly give my recommendation as the best digital marketing agency."

Director Of Operations, Professional Writing Company, USA

"We hired melbul to help improve our client numbers and they delivered. Our brand awareness skyrocketed in the first 45 days and our sales went up by nearly 33%. They are easy to work with and well organized. "

CEO, Recruitment & Study Abroad Consultants, Europe

They redefined the term digital marketing agency, Their team of experts use state of the art technology to execute projects ranging from Online marketing, website design, social media management, & CRM development.

Client review, Google Reviews

Melbul Ltd. is redefining the way people go about website design and online marketing services.

Client review, Google Reviews

If you have a project, It doesn't matter how large or grueling you think it might be. Contact Melbul Ltd. today, to have a feel of what it means to work with true professional digital marketing specialist .

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Facebook Ads Agency



This FREE Report reveals PROVEN Facebook Ad strategies that convert cold audiences to hot leads and doubles sales revenue in 90 days when implemented correctly.
Get these lessons we’ve learned from managing over 100+ PROFITABLE campaigns (for some of Europes biggest brands), all for $999 FREE now.

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