PPC, The Fastest Way To Double Or Triple Your Sales Revenue In 60 Days

PPC is the fastest way to get “ready-to-buy” leads in your sales funnel but it is also the most competitive advertising channel on the internet today. Our ppc management agency will help you set up a successful search engine marketing campaign that will have your sales funnel flooded with hot leads.

Google PPC Agency


The dedication, work ethic and passion of our team are what come together to make us a leading Google PPC Marketing agency in Kiev. If you have ever tried PPC in the past and were left saying “Google PPC doesn’t work for my business”, chances are you were doing it yourself or PPC Ad agency you hired were focused on maximizing your overall ad spend rather than optimizing your campaign to make you more money.

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Google PPC Agency


A successful Google PPC campaign has the potential of making you $3 for every $1 you spend when done right. Most Google PPC agencies focus on getting you lots of clicks but what they don’t tell you is that lots of clicks equal lots of money in ad spend. Our approach is quite different, we focus on driving you more conversions by implementing various conversion rate tactics to make sure your Google PPC campaign is profitable.

Google PPC Agency
Google PPC Agency


If you are looking to scale your sales revenue FAST by selling more of your products or services to hot leads who are itching to buy from you then Google Pay-Per-Click is the right way to go. Google PPC allows you to target people who are searching online for products or services similar to what your company has to offer.
After years of implementing various Google PPC marketing tactics, we have discovered a system that helps us and our clients increase sales revenue while keeping Google PPC campaigns profitable.


Dear Business Builder,

I know managing a Pay-Per-Click campaign can be daunting especially when you do not have the know-how or skills to optimize a search engine marketing campaign.

Not to worry, our PPC management agency completely takes the guesswork out of Google PPC Marketing, that why we are known as one of the best PPC agency in kiev.

Imagine having a well-rounded solid team of Digital Direct-Response Copywriters, SEO Specialists, Conversion Rate Optimists, and PPC Experts all working to make sure your search engine marketing campaign is profitable.

We always start a new Google Pay-Per-Click campaign by carrying out keyword research to understand your competitive landscape and get a sense of what similar businesses like yours are doing right or wrong with their search engine marketing efforts.

When we understand the keywords to use for your campaign, our team of PPC experts come up with a custom search engine marketing strategy tailored to your business.

Our goal Is always return on investment and if we can’t make your PPC campaign profitable in 90 days (which is very unlikely), we will give you back every single dime in service fee charges. That’s how confident we are.

All we care about is making you more money. Why else will you want to hire a Google PPC Management Agency right?

After 3 years of managing search engine marketing campaigns, we bring talent, experience, and know-how to the table.

Enough with the talking, if you really want to take your business to the next level, simply book your FREE 30-Minute Strategy Session with us now by clicking on the button below.


Google PPC Agency

Simeon Igbabul
Head Of Growth

Hear from our clients and fans

"They are very communicative, honest, dedicated, patient and above all, they provided us with amazing results in the first month. I highly recommend Melbul."

Owner, Iberica Business School, Spain

"The project itself was done nicely, in a modern and progressive way. I will give an overall rating of 8 out of 10 and gladly give my recommendation as the best digital marketing agency."

Director Of Operations, Professional Writing Company, USA

"We hired melbul to help improve our client numbers and they delivered. Our brand awareness skyrocketed in the first 45 days and our sales went up by nearly 33%. They are easy to work with and well organized. "

CEO, Recruitment & Study Abroad Consultants, Europe

They redefined the term digital marketing agency, Their team of experts use state of the art technology to execute projects ranging from Online marketing, website design, social media management, & CRM development.

Client review, Google Reviews

Melbul Ltd. is redefining the way people go about website design and online marketing services.

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If you have a project, It doesn't matter how large or grueling you think it might be. Contact Melbul Ltd. today, to have a feel of what it means to work with true professional digital marketing specialist .

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