We will help you rank on the first page of Google in 90-days and drive hot leads to your sales funnel.
Don’t waste your time with promises when we can guarantee #results.

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SEO Agency
SEO Agency


In order for you to sell more online, your website must rank for key-phrases related to your business. Google alone now processes over 3.5 billion searches per DAY! That’s crazy, and chances are someone is searching for a solution that your product or service can provide. If your target clients cannot find you when they search for a solution that your business offers, you are leaving a ton of money on the table. Our B2B SEO agency is not the best just because we can get you to rank on Google, now every good agency can do that. We are the best SEO agency in ukraine because we know exactly how to convert Google searches that match your business offering into deals!


If any SEO agency tells you SEO is all about ranking on Google, then they are lying to you.
Most SEO agencies focus on rankings, but that doesn’t mean they help you rank for the right Targeted traffic.
At Melbul, we don’t just focus on your google rank, we focus on results. What matters the most to us is ROI (return on investment), whether you are looking for local, international or enterprise SEO, we can help you drive targeted traffic that converts to paid clients.

SEO Agency


SEO Agency

We believe the secret to winning at SEO is doing every other thing in digital marketing right.

Online marketing is a broad term that usually includes a company’s overall online presence. If you want to learn more about online marketing, you should visit our marketing page or our blog page which discusses it in more detail.

When we on board a new client for an SEO campaign, the first thing we do is dive into a comprehensive research to see the pros and cons of your online presence, we look into the strategies your competitors are using to hold their online market share, and then we come up with a winning strategy to help you outshine your competition while setting the bar in your industry.

Our SEO process is all about building relationships that will eventually help increase your traffic, conversions, and sales. We build relationships and links with websites where your target clients visit online to help channel Targeted traffic to a Lead magnet page on your website that converts them into leads.

If you are looking for an SEO agency that can provide you with a results-driven SEO campaign, then you are welcome to book a FREE 30-minutes Strategy Session with my team and I.

Looking forward to working with you.


SEO Agency

Simeon Igbabul
Head Of Growth

Our work process



We learn about your business

In other to win a war, you must first understand the opponent with whom you share a battlefield. Our first strategy is studying the field of play to understand the best way to help you WIN.


We agree on a budget

Every great battle needs an investment of time and or resources. After studying the field of play and understanding what must be done to help your business, we agree on a budget and go to war.


We come up with an action plan

This is the most important stage of any battle. Our task here as a team is to map out the ultimate plan that will help us win this war. At this point, our entire team of 50+ all boot up and go into war to WIN.


We work, You see results

We go into every battle to win with pride and dignity. This battle is no different, these are familiar grounds. We have done this many times in the past. We have won on these very grounds and we shall WIN again.


When it is all said and the noise settles, you want to choose an SEO agency that is committed to truly helping your business grow.
We have had cases where businesses come to us and make statements like:

-I have invested in SEO before and it doesn’t work.

-The last agency we worked with, took a lot of money from us and 4 months down the line we decided to cut ties with them.

-Our experience with the last SEO company we hired was very bad.

-Our SEO results are good but we are not making any additional sales revenue and we want to try something different.

-We want an agency that focuses on only SEO.

-I want to see FAST results.

We’ve literally heard it all from companies and we keep hearing of more interesting cases. If you want to see different or better results with SEO, you must understand that it takes hours of commitment and it is not so pretty.

As a business builder, before you pick an agency to manage your SEO campaign, you should know exactly what you are looking for because not every SEO agency understands the complete picture of SEO.

SEO has content creation, technical and link building parts to it, most agencies decide to specialize in one aspect of SEO and by doing that, they see good results in one small aspect of SEO (for example link building) but experience a bad overall SEO performance which leads to horrible results for companies.

Unlike hundreds of SEO agencies, we prefer to look at everything we do in a results-oriented perspective. This allows us to come up with a plan that not only improves your website’s domain authority but also helps you convert more of your TRAFFIC into leads and then sales.

We are not afraid of putting in the hours required to help you see real results from your SEO campaign and that is where we beat most SEO agencies out there. Quite frankly speaking, our ONLY focus is on getting you results because your growth is simultaneous to ours.

When you hire us, you gain access to a dedicated team of content marketers, technical SEO specialists, digital PR pros and Link building experts who will work round the clock to make sure your SEO campaign brings in the best RESULTS.

Hear from our clients and fans

"They are very communicative, honest, dedicated, patient and above all, they provided us with amazing results in the first month. I highly recommend Melbul."

Owner, Iberica Business School, Spain

"The project itself was done nicely, in a modern and progressive way. I will give an overall rating of 8 out of 10 and gladly give my recommendation as the best digital marketing agency."

Director Of Operations, Professional Writing Company, USA

"We hired melbul to help improve our client numbers and they delivered. Our brand awareness skyrocketed in the first 45 days and our sales went up by nearly 33%. They are easy to work with and well organized. "

CEO, Recruitment & Study Abroad Consultants, Europe

They redefined the term digital marketing agency, Their team of experts use state of the art technology to execute projects ranging from Online marketing, website design, social media management, & CRM development.

Client review, Google Reviews

Melbul Ltd. is redefining the way people go about website design and online marketing services.

Client review, Google Reviews

If you have a project, It doesn't matter how large or grueling you think it might be. Contact Melbul Ltd. today, to have a feel of what it means to work with true professional digital marketing specialist .

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